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Friday Dec 26, 2003
Let's just start with the big news: Yesterday Catherine and I got engaged. I am very happy that I found somebody who is so compatible with me. From the moment we met we had a great connection and I can't imagine a better person to share the rest of my life with. I consider myself very lucky that I met her.

I proposed to her on Christmas morning, but to be honest I don't think that Christmas is the best day to propose which is something that I told her a few weeks ago. It's big enough to have it's own day. However, we both knew that an engagement wasn't far away and the last thing I wanted was to get into the situation where she or close friends\family were thinking along the lines of "maybe today\this weekend\this trip he will propose". I wanted it to be spontaneous. So once I realized that she didn't expect a proposal on the 25th, I all of a sudden realized that this would be a great opportunity to surprise her. Even her mom had been telling people that I was certainly not going to propose this Christmas :-)

I had put a piece of paper in her stocking with an URL on it. Once she keyed it into a browser, some text appeared on the screen followed by me, of course sitting on one knee next to her, with the famous words. You have to know that we met through the internet so although I find it in a way kinda geeky to use the internet for a part of the process, I thought it would be a proper way to close that part of our lives in the same way it started and start the next stage through a more traditional way. (those web pages have been removed. I don't need to put all of my personal life on-line :)

No dates have been picked yet but we are looking at Spring 2005 with festivities in Canada and the Netherlands.

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