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Sunday Dec 21, 2003
Mom would be proud because today I cleaned up the second bed room aka the computer room therefore aka 'my' room. The room was full with boxes which got parked there when I moved in a few months ago making the room look pretty small with a narrow path. It bugged me especially since I had moved into Catherine's place quite some time ago. But due to reasons mostly out of my control, my boxes were still everywhere. And again I threw out a lot of stuff. This time also a lot of computer stuff. I really didn't needed those Windows 95 CD's anymore, did I? If I have learned one things from all the moving I did over the past couple of years is that you tend to save a lot of stuff of which you think you can use again, but which you will never use for sure. And when space is limited than even throwing low value but space consuming items is recommendable even if there is a good chance that you can use it sometime. For the longest time I had big computer boxes in my old living room. They would be handy if I had to move again. Well they were helpful yes, but if it was worth it to have them in the middle of my living room for all those years... Now if I could only teach Catherine this lesson :-)

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