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Wednesday December 10, 2003
Welcome to Braekfast to go. Yes, it took me five and a half year but I have finally changed the design. I have a vacation day today since I still have many days left (lucky me :) so I decided to finalize the last little bit. I have been slowly working on it for a few months. First I changed the design and the name. Then I started to look around for tools to make my life easier. Eventhough my site was small, it still could be a drag sometimes to make changes. One of the biggest changes for me is the use of blogger for my web log page formerly known as the "what's up doc" page. This way I can add updates from anywhere on this planet as long I have internet access. Another big change for me is using a tool for my pictures because that was even a bigger pain in the butt. However although I have identified a tool, it hasn't been implemented yet. I have also some other plans for other pages because the website is pretty skinny but it takes time and this is just a hobby. But hey, the start is there. Welcome again.

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