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Friday January 23 - Sunday January 25, 2004
A weekend away from the city was my Christmas present to Catherine (as if proposing wasn't enough). The Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville to be precise and you guess it, this weekend we went up North. The resort was very nice and we even had a real fire place in our room. The only down side of the weekend was the cold. With a high of -21 on Saturday you don't want to spend too much time outside even though I did went down on tube. Catherine went for a massage while I ran on a treadmill and spend some time in the (whirl)pool. But mostly we had a cozy time in front of the fire place where I watched several of the "Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring" documentaries which are available on the extended DVD set. I have those DVD's for almost a year but I had never watched them and I also have the "Two Towers" DVD set waiting for me...

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