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Sunday Jan 4, 2004
So it happened: I attended a Wedding Show. At least I had a good reason: I had to be in the area since the buyer of my condo wanted to inspect the place for the last time so I had to entertain myself anyway. Plus we had free tickets so there was really no excuse not to go and in the end we only spend an hour there. It's kinda frustrating to see how much people are after your money when you go to these kinds of shows. And the more time we spend on it, the more we realise how much it is going to cost even when you are not going complete crazy. Of course having a second celebration in the Netherlands is definitely not a big help when it comes to keeping the costs down but it's something that has to happen. Yes it's a lot of money and that for just 1,5 days. Maybe I should putting a Paypal button on this web site for donations ;) Afterwards we went to check out one of the possible venues, the 3rd time in a week we did this, and Catherine has been walking with a calculator in her hand the whole evening to calculate how much the reception would cost here. Will certainly be continued.

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