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Sunday January 11, 2004
Quiet weekend. Lots of football on TV. I installed my Christmas present that I received this week. Catherine's grandparents gave me money for a printer\scanner combination. And after quite some research I decided to buy the HP PSC 1350 which was on sale at Compusmart (70 dollars off!!). It had good reviews but it is considered to be slow but that is something I don't care about. I never had a printer before so I don't expect to print a lot anyway. Because of the engagement I never really mentioned what I got for Christmas. Well the printer was the big item and I actually had some money left so I also bought a game (Rush hour expansion package for Simcity) and the rest will go to the engagement ring... Other presents were the Lord of the Rings - Two Towers extended DVD set, a F1 book, clothes (lots of clothes) and from Catherine I am getting a filling cabinet to bring order to my papers. Time for a new football game....

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