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Tuesday Jan 6, 2004 - Part 2
Well it was an interesting day today. Lots of things happened. First of all my place got officially sold and the money is in my bank account. Actually not all of it because I am still waiting for one check. Don't get too excited because after paying for the real estate agent, lawyer and the costs for breaking my mortgage, there isn't really a whole lot left. Nevertheless it was exciting to go to the bank teller with the check. So that part is now officially over.

In the evening one cat moved out and another one moved in. Yep, the Cat's Bed and Breakfast continues. One group of owners came back from vacation and others left for a vacation. This new one doesn't have the gut like the other one.

And later in the night I booked a victory in my NASCAR on-line racing league. I actually won the previous too but that was a track where you need to turn to the right and that's more my territory. On the ovals you can find me at the back of the pack. Although I have to admit that there weren't a lot of drivers but nevertheless. And because we had people over to pick up the cat I missed all the practice and the qualification so I had to start from the back. I guess it's the little things that can make you happy :)

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