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Tuesday Jan 6, 2004
I heard of this little toy at another blog and once I saw it on sale for C$ 19,99 at the Grand & Toys, I couldn't resist it: My 3rd digital camera and yes, it is really small.

Update: I have been playing with it and I have to admit the pictures are not bad as you can see of the picture on the right that I took of a colleague. True, there are pictures which are less sharp but given the fact that they were taken inside, I can't complain. Hey it's only 20 dollars. In total you can take 20 pictures (about 50-60kb per picture) or if you set it to 'low resolution' you can take 60 pictures but that's not something I recommend because those pictures don't look good. Besides taking pictures you can also use it was a web cam and even make movies when it's connected to your computer (with a USB cable that comes with it).

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