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Wednesday January 14, 2004
Although the weather was not typical Dutch, it was -20 with lots of snow, I attended the New Year's reception of the Dutch Treat, a group of mainly Dutch business men who get together for mainly networking. It's not something I really enjoy but the truth is that there are some nice people there. I met Eva (really need to learn to spell since wrote 'Eve' first...) whose entertaining blog I read daily so that was interesting. It's strange to meet somebody of whom you know so much and yet it's the first time you meet face-to-face.

At the reception there was also the official announcement of the "Royal Dutch Treat" which is going to be the biggest celebration of the Dutch Queen outside the Netherlands. Maybe the most important goal of this event is that they want to try to make the Dutch community more visible in Canada. It's very interesting to say the least that in Canada there are about 1 million people from Dutch descent but that this group is not very visible at all. While the second generation Italian is still an Italian, the second generation Dutch is Canadian. And at the same time there are still strong ties between both countries. For instance the Dutch are the 4th biggest foreign investor in Canada.

Anyway the event is going to take place on April 30th at the Liberty Grand in Toronto and it can only be successful if enough people show up. So if you have some Dutch blood in you or you are just interested in knowing more about us Dutchies then go to the website for more information.

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