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Sunday February 23, 2004
Andrew, a friend of mine, had some tickets for a Raptors game so I was quite happy when he asked me to go with him. The last time I had seen the Raptors had been a couple of years ago and I had been meaning to go for some time now. Since they were cooperate tickets, the seats were pretty good. The tickets were free but the face value of the ticket surprised me nevertheless: 143 dollars. Even though I enjoyed the game, I don't think I would never pay 143 dollars to see a basketball game. Basketball has become such a show nowadays. The dancers are waiting along the side line because they know the game is halfway during a quarter and a time-out by one of the team will be called soon. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy these kind of things especially since I am not the biggest basketball fan on this planet, but it says a lot that they think that the game needs this. Everything seems to be so scripted. The Sacramento Kings beat the Raptors with about 20 points.

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