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Saturday March 27, 2004
It seems that I am not keeping Catherine busy enough with the organization of the wedding because today we went on a tour to visit model houses and sale centres for town houses. We both know that we will need a bigger place within 2 years at most (actually, we could use a bigger place now) and because the preparations for the wedding are going very well and because those mortgage interest rates can't go that much lower, Catherine started to look around (not that she really needs any reason for this). And once I made clear that I thought it was not a bad idea to look around, she had lined up several points of interest within a very short time period.

We prefer a town house with at least 3 and preferably 4 bed rooms and a regular house might be out of reach for us right now. We saw a couple of interesting houses but the problem that I am having is that they are all located further away from Toronto. The big advantage is of course that the prices are really good. We could sell our current condo and with the same money we could buy a town house and with a little luck there would be money left. The disadvantage is that the commute will be longer and that's big deal for me. Moving to Oakville was already a big step. Moving further away would not make me happier. We might even need 2 cars. See what the girl finds next... ;-)

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