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Saturday April 24, 2004
The emotional roller coaster we have been ridding came to an end and we are happy to say that it ended at it's highest point: we have bought a house. Over the last couple of days we have been talking to many people to see if we were out of our mind to buy the house and the lot we were interested in. We knew that we would be capable of buying it but we didn't wanted to become a slave to the mortgage. We even had the financial adviser of Catherine coming by for an objective opinion and according to everybody, everything was well within our range. So after many drives in the area over the last couple of weeks, we dropped by at the sales centre for the 4th time and this time it was to sign the many many papers. The lot is located in Oakville and it is a new development area which means that our house has not been built yet. We hope that it will be available next winter, hopefully just in time for the wedding. More information about the site can be found at and the house we bought is the Bearberry, elevation 'A' with most probably a dark red brick. For us this means a lot of changes of the next couple of months since we want to put our current place on the market in the very near future. Certainly more to follow...

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