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Friday May 21 - Monday May 24, 2004
A weekend in Northern Ontario to visit Catherine's grand parents. Grandma just got a pace maker and Catherine's mom had been staying there for the last couple of weeks. For us a couple of days with no 'fluffing'. The last couple of 2 weeks we have been working on getting the appartment ready to put it on the market and we are almost there. So relaxing instead this weekend: watching sports on tv, several naps and food, food, food. We did go for a walk but on our way home we saw Catherine's mom driving around in her car looking for us. Turns out there was a bear on a front lawn of one of the houses in the neighbourhood. The bear had made several visits during the night in the last couple of days so I guess it was time for a day time visit. It was enjoying the food on the bird feeder and after he was done, he slowly walked away. Yep, this is Canada, folks.

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