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Sunday May 16, 2004
The Mississauga Half marathon is in the bag. In general I start out slow and people pass me. Then at the end I speed up and start to pass people. Today I decided to be 'normal'. The first 14K went pretty smooth and my average speed was about 10-15 seconds faster under my goal of 5:43 min/km. But the last 7K were tough. The course kinda fooled me. Even though I knew there were quite some kilometers to go, it felt that I was close to the finish, looking anxiously for the finish line and when you need to do an extra little extra loop.

I had to take extra walking breaks. Nevertheless looking back I didn't loose too much time and I managed to complete my goal of breaking 2:00 hours. My chip time was 1:57:20 and I even made it in the top 50 percent. Something that doesn't happen regularly. It was strange for me to finish a race with so many difficulties, but I set a personal record and as I said I manage to accomplish my goal.

(Being the nerd, I put the results in a spread sheet and came up with the following: I finished 821 but when you look at the chip time instead of the gun time I finished 774. I started the start line as number 1226 so that means I passed 405 runners during the race. I admit that the value of this information for you is probably none to nothing but I just can't help myself)

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