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Thursday May 27, 2004
Soccer season has started again with our second game today. I was in doubt if I was going to join the team again even though I am one of the organizers. Some seem to forget that with our age and our weight (...) it should more be about having fun than just winning. It's not that we are getting paid for this. Anyway, we playing another year in this league and this year they even had a web site.

On the way out of Sunnybrook Park, I noticed that a team member together with some kids were standing along the road, looking down a ravine. I pulled over just to see if he was okay. Turns out that the kids, white trash galore, had been speeding through the park in their car. They missed the last corner and barely missed the car of my team member. Their car ended up in a ravine. Fortunately nobody got injured since there were many bushes that slowed down the car.

While waiting for the police and fire trucks to arrive one of the kids come up to me and asked me if I drove. No, I was taking my car out for a walk. Here is your sign. Anyway, then he asks me if I could drive to a gas station to get him some smokes. At that time don't you just want to smack him?

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