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Saturday June 12, 2004
It's June and it's an even year. In other words: there is a international soccer tournament going on and this time it is the European championship: Euro 2004. Four years ago it took place in Belgium and the Netherlands. This time Portugal is the host.

It looks like it's going to be an exciting tournament where many countries could come on top. The victory of the Greeks against the hosts in the first game of the tournament was a proof of that.

And yes, after the absence from the World Cup, the Dutch team are back at a big tournament. In all honesty I don't expect too much but you never know. As long we win against the Germans ;)

The Dutch Treat organization that organized the Queen's Birthday party in April is now looking after an official soccer party for the Dutch fans in Toronto. It's nice to have an 'official' place to go to meet up with other Dutch fans. Many other nationalities have their own neighborhood in the city where soccer fans would meet up. It's even nicer that it is just around the corner from work :) Here is more information if you are interested:

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