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Wednesday June 23, 2004
Yes it's early to post something for Wednesday but I know already by now that my entry is going to be one of the following 3:

1) If you can't be beat Latvia, then you don't deserve to advance to the next round. (NL lose or tie against the Latvia; Germany or Latvia advances to the next round)

2) You can't blame the Czechs. We should have beaten the Germans ourselves. (Germany beat the Czech Republic and advances to the next round)

3) We are still alive!!! Thanks to the Czechs for fulfilling their duty and let's hope we can kick some butt. (The Czech beat or tie the Germans and we advance to the next round)

I do believe that there is also the possibility that we advance when Germany loses and we tie but, although I would be fine with this result, let's assume that this is not going to happen...

It's going to be interesting to see if I can even watch the Dutch game live. At this moment I don't think I can. I might just stay at work and listen to the Dutch radio although one part of me says just to stay away from any TV-radio-internet connection since that would be better for my heart. Just got the news that the Fox and the Fiddle on John street will broadcast the Dutch game live so I am going to be there...

After the game

These games are not good for my heart. On the big screen the Dutch game and on a tv next to it the German game. I think I died a 1000 times but in the end everything ended on a positive note. "We" are still alive and I think that "we" were the 2nd best team in this group so in the end I think "we" deserved to advance to the next round. From now on it is a crap shoot to predict which team could win the championship. With the exception of Greece, I can see each of the other 7 teams as a potential champion.

Will be continued on Saturday. Same time, same place, difference opponent: Sweden.

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