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Friday July 30, 2004
So where did those closet Liverpool fans come from? Liverpool and FC Porto played an exhibition soccer game in Toronto today all part of the ChampionsWorld tour. And where I suspected to see a lot of Portuguese fans, it was mainly Liverpool fans that you saw on the streets. Red shirts everywhere. I saw even one older guy where the complete outfit. There was one Portuguese fan who had made a replica of the Championsleague Cup that was won by Porto a few months ago. A little bit too much for me given that it was just an exhibition game. Nevertheless, many spectators took it very seriously given all the boo's when Porto entered the field (maybe the English fans were still frustrated by the Portuguese in the Euro ;-)

All in all it was a good experience. It was nice to players like Michael Owen, Victor Baia, Steven Gerrard and Milan Baros (top scorer Euro2004) live in action. Hopefully we will have at least another game in Toronto next year but I think the chances will be small that it would be a Dutch team.

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