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Saturday June 26, 2004
The curse has been broken. After losing so many penalty shoot-outs in a row, the Dutch team finally were able to end this nerve wrecking session on a positive note. Of course I got another 10 years older. I must be getting ready to retire soon...

The Fox and the Fiddle was completely full with Dutch fans. I was at this pub at 2 PM a week earlier for the Czech game and I was the first guest then. Today at 2 PM the upstairs was full and we had to sit down stairs but this area that filled up too.

The best thing about watching a close soccer game as this one in a pub with other fans is tension during the game where everybody suffers together when the opponent has an opportunity to score and the explosion of joy after the final penalty. Everybody high fives people they have never spoken too. Doesn't matter how old or young you are. Everybody is everybody's best friend.

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