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Saturday June 26 - Friday July 2, 2004
A great escape from the life in the city: Catherine's family, 13 people in total, rented a cottage for a week. I am not a camping person at all but cottage life suits me very well. I like the fact that you (can) spent a lot of time in Mother Nature but you also have a comfortable bed, a clean shower and a solid roof above your head when it rains. Our cottage, the Smilin' Moose Lodge, had even more amenities. Besides that it had a great living room it even had a sauna.

Besides this it had many other extras. There were many games for inside and outside. I played Ker Plunk and threw horse shoes for the first time and it had many years since I played badminton. Then there was satellite TV which had every channel on this planet but no sport channels!!! The owners must be artsies...

Furthermore there was a pedal boat, kayak and a canoe. The pedal boat we used a few times but after our 'canoe incident' we didn't touch the kayak. Catherine and I took the canoe out for a spin and that's exactly what happened: we were able to tip it over. According to Catherine this was the quietest lake she had ever canoed on and she had never tipped a canoe before. Therefore people say that all evidence points in my direction. My lawyer tells me not to make a comment on this. After we swam back to the rocky coast line we tried to get the water out of the boat. We had to do this 3 times since after the first time, I somehow managed to a lot of water back into the boat. After the second time I managed to get back into the canoe but I found myself back into the water when Catherine tried to get in. In our defense, we couldn't put the canoe back on the shore since there were rocks so we had to improvise to get back into the canoe. We eventually found our way back home. If somebody would have taped this incident, it would have made it to America's Funniest Home videos without any doubt.

We did spent a lot of time outside. I had bought some lanterns and for Canada Day we had some fireworks. We did manage to start a few bonfires without putting the whole forest on fire. It's so nice to sit outside in the evening watching the calm water (while the rest of the family is playing dominoes ;)

We also visited the new HQ of the editorial desk of Pigdump. Now let those dumps come to us.

Unfortunately we couldn't stay for the whole week and on Friday we drove early in the morning from the cottage to work. Fortunately for us, a lot of people took this day off so they would have a extra long weekend that started on Thursday (Canada Day). For the first time I didn't get stuck in a traffic jam on my way to work.

Anyway, 2 thumbs up for this vacation. When can we go again?

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