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Sunday July 4, 2004
Unbelievable, unbelievable, simply unbelievable. Greece: European Champion 2004. It must be the biggest upset in international soccer on a major soccer tournament ever. I was telling that 7 out of the last 8 teams in the Euro could win it, except Greece. They had never won a game in the Euro or the World Cup. They were 80-1 to win it before the tournament. Even before the final there 11-2 to win it but they beat all the odds. It's great that such an underdog can win it. Of course, they played very defensive where I prefer to see an offensive team to win it but that's what you can expect. I think the soccer world will wake up tomorrow wondering if it really happened.

The positive thing for me is that my Portugese manager won't be rubbing in the Portugese win over the Dutch too much tomorrow.

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