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Thursday July 22, 2004
Many people have asked me why I am not a Canadian citizen yet despite being a landed immigrant for about 8 years. I have always answered that if I would become Canadian, I would lose my Dutch citizenship and you know: "If it aint Dutch, it isn't much".

All kidding aside, I am very proud of my heritage and attach a lot of value to my Dutch passport and I have always said that I didn't leave the Netherlands because I disliked the country. It was the urge to experience a different culture that made me leave my home land. Even though my upcoming wedding doesn't increase the changes to return to the Netherlands, there will always be a chance, no matter how small it is, that it could happen.

Nevertherless it would be convenient for me to become also a Canadian citizenship. Not that I am keen on being selected for jury duty (would be interesting though...) but I would like to vote and as result complain about the government. The biggest advantage however is that it would be easier for me to cross the USA border. Every time I go now I have to make a trip to one of the customs building to get a temporary visa. There is never a problem getting it but it is a hassle. Waiting in line, being treated as if I am a criminal and coughing up 6 U$ (As I said, I am Dutch...).

I did some research this morning and on the web site of the Dutch ministry of Foreign affairs it now states that I can become Canadian and not lose my Dutch citizenship if I would marry a Canadian. In other words, when people are going to ask why I am going to marry Catherine, I can finally give them a convincing answer :) 

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