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Wednesday 30 June 2004
The start of a new curse: the semi-final curse.

Since we didn't have any sport channel on our dish at the cottage, we had to go to a pub in Parry Sound to see the game. About the game we can be short. 'We' played bad and Portugal was simply better and therefore deserved to advance to the final. Too bad but one feels a lot better compared to losing on penalties after a game that you deserved to win (Netherlands-Italy; semi final Euro 2000). But this is also the 3rd event in a row where we got in the semi-finals but no further. Oh well, I am sure many countries wished that they would have made it to the semi-finals and the truth is that 'we' didn't play very well at all in this tournament, in fact we only won 1 game, and still made it this far.

The big plus of this tournament was the atmosphere at the Fox and the Fiddle during games. All that orange was great. Especially the game against Sweden was great since the whole pub was full with 'Oranje' fans. Catherine had never been to a pub for a sport event and now she was, just as me, on City TV in the evening even if it was just for a second.

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