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Saturday August 14, 2004
Catherine dragged me to the decor centre today. To be honest I wasn't really clear what she wanted to do. I assumed that she just wanted to look at all the different kitchen cabinets, counter tops, floor and wall tiles that we have to select from in a couple of weeks. Should only take 30 minutes I thought. Wrong. Basically she wanted to come up with matching composition of those items for each of the rooms. So there we were trying to see if tile A or tile B matched the countertops C or D better. And after finally coming up for with a combination for the master bathroom, we had to do it all over again for the second bathroom and also for the kitchen . Let me be clear that this was an important exercise. I am happy that we did it but at one point I started to laugh because the different tiles started to look the same. Two things got confirmed today: 1) Women are way more into this than men are (and that's a good thing). 2) Women want your opinion as long it's their opinion too :)

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