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Saturday July 31, 2004

To stay in tune with the theme of "Another year old but still alive" I tried something new today: seeing a movie at a drive-in. Well, make that 3 movies.

To get a good spot we arrived at the drive-in in Oakville at 7 even though the first movie wouldn't start before 9:30. I was surprised to see how big an event it is for some to go to a drive-in. People with lawn chairs and tables. Playing cards, checkers or just throwing a football or a frisbee to kill the time.

We saw 'Spiderman II', 'I, Robot' and Dodgeball and proving that you never old enough to learn something, I learnt that it is possible for Catherine to stay awake late on a Saturday evening. And late it was since the last credits rolled over the screen at 3:15 in the morning.

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