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Monday September 7, 2004
It's sold. The condo is sold. It had been on the market for about 3 months and during this time Catherine and I learnt that there is a big difference between the Toronto and the Oakville condo market. Where my condo was sold in 10 days, selling Catherine's condo took a lot longer. Not that we didn't get any traffic. We actually got about 40 people over the floor but they were I guess more pickier or should I say more 'selective'. Anyway, yesterday we got an offer and after having the real estate agents in our home for 5 hours doing all the negotiations, all the necessary signatures were put in all the appropriate places. Unless strange things happen, the condo will be in the hands of the new owner at the end of November. We are happy that it's over and that we no longer need to be a big neat freaks (even though it had it's advantages). And to top it off Catherine has to pay for a dinner since I won a bet. The date I picked as the date the deal would be sealed was the closest date to yesterday even if I was still 2,5 months off, but that's tough luck for Catherine :p

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