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Tuesday September 14, 2004
Today the first day of a 4 day course: Aion Business Rules Expert - Introduction. No GO train to downtown but the car to the airport area. That's a nice change of scenery. If you are wondering if I going to apply the knowledge about rules engines to my real life, I can say "Yes". See has to learn how to execute my rules. It's all part of Catherine's Wife-In-Training program.

My American instructor mentioned the important hockey game tonight: World Cup final between Canada and Finland. I told him that I didn't care much. Sure it's nice but I think there is only 1 country that really follows the tournament and even despite that I think that there was more enthusiasm on the Toronto streets for the World Cup Soccer than for this World Cup. Even at work this tournament doesn't get a lot of talk time. I don't mind hockey but it's not something I sit down for to watch. I watch it when it's on and that's it. So although I am sure many many many many Canadians are fearing a no-hockey winter, I only hope to see more of other sports on the television.

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