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Monday November 1, 2004
The builder gave us a small scare last week. We were told to meet with the site manager of our new house today but we were not told why so we were anticipating that something had been done incorrectly. Catherine had the suspicion that it might have something to do with the 'art niche' in the stair case which we had not properly defined. Fortunately for us she was right.

When I told some people that we had to see the site manager they said that it was probably to tell us about a delivery delay. Well that's not the case at all we were told yesterday evening. In fact they are ahead of schedule. It looks like if we want to, we could move in in January or maybe even earlier. Not something we really want since by living with Catherine's mom we are saving some money. So for now February 9th is the day we are going to receive the keys.

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