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Monday November 14, 2004
Thanks to some person who entered the wrong time in to the alarm clock (rumours are that it's a man who did it), we have an extra hour to kill.

We are getting ready to leave Bangkok and move on to our next destination: Chiang Mai. Catherine seems to be most excited to visit the Night Bazaar which according to other rumours is going to be only 5 minutes from our hotel.

But first we have 1 hour flight to our destination with the 1-2-go air line. As long it's not 1-2-crash airline we will be fine. At the airport a cab is waiting for us so everything should go smoothly.

Yesterday we did some more walking and visited a really nice wat (temple). And it wouldn't be a Sassy vacation without a trip to the Zoo. As if she needs to see more monkeys.

Later in the day we swam a little in the pool at the hotel and dinner took place at an Italian restaurant where we had the best filled calzone ever. We also walked around quickly in one of the Go-Go girls areas but Catherine was the only white woman there so we were afraid that all the old men were going to ask her how much she costs.

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