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Sunday November 28, 2004
After a couple of days the internet is finally up and running at the Holiday-Inn resort on Ko Phi Phi. Time for an update.

Last Friday we left Karon Beach. An area with tons of Scandinavian tourists. Kinda weird. And that meant tons of speedo's (aka banana hammock). So we could start a game of where is it hanging: left, right or straight up. Personally I found the women's game more interesting: hanging or perky but there were less participants in that game.

With a minivan, ferry, a smaller boat (longtail boat) and a tractor we finally end up at our new resort. It's at the end of the island with no access road. There are no cars at all on the island so the boat is the only way to get to our resort from the main village.

And yes, there are palm trees, sandy beaches and clear water. Missing: sounds from jet-skis and vehicles from a road (tuk-tuk, bikes, scooters and cars). It's a little bit of paradise. A place that I always wanted to visit since I was a little kid.

On the first night we celebrated the Loy Krathong festival, a festival that is celebrated all over the country. We had a special dinner with Thai dances. At the end our floating flower baskets were released in the swimming pool.

It's pretty quiet here. Not a resort for singles. Lots of couples. We walked around a bit, swam, read, enjoyed the sun set, drank and ate while forgetting that we are getting close to Christmas :)

We will be staying here till Tuesday. On that day we will fly back to Bangkok for the last part of our stay.

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