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Thursday November 18, 2004
Greetings from Chiang Mai,

We are having a good time here. The weather has cooled down and today it was actually 'no sweat' weather. The number of temples we are visiting has slightly dropped and our food intake has been growing.

Of course we have plenty of Thai food here but a couple of days ago we discovered Cafe Benelux (Benelux = BElgium, NEtherlands, LUxemburg). Couldn't resist to go in especially since Catherine was in the mood for Fish and Chips (imagine that!!) Turns out that the owner of the place is originally from a little Belgium town just across the border from Maastricht, my home town.

Yesterday evening we had a couple of drinks at a German Hofbrauhaus Y Casa Antonio(restaurant). A good place for when you are in the mood for a beer :)

Yesterday evening we also kicked off the shopping and today we made it an art. Well at least for me :) With these prices I can even get excited about it. Adidas, Puma, Diadora and Kappa have been my friends so far :) But on the way to the internet cafe I am currently sitting I also bought something more Thai style. Please send a new suitcase...

An news update in advance: we were not able to book a room in the current hotel for Sunday and Monday, so on Saturday we will be moving to a new hotel: Chiang Mail SP hotel

We also spent more than 1,5 hours with a travel agent to arrange everything for the next stage of the trip including the flights. It took so much time since Phuket and Krabi are very popular but in the end we were successful even if we had to split our week at the beach in 2 hotels. One is close to Phuket while the other one is on Phi Phi Island. Looks nice. More information later...

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