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Thursday November 25, 2004
Yes, life is tough here in Thailand. In general we haven't done an awful lot since we arrived. We did some laps in the pool, some swimming in the clear water of the ocean, did some reading and tried not to get a sun burn.

In the evenings we go for a stroll around town and Catherine is always hoping to see the 2 elephants that are on display. Get them some bananas and try to get a picture with them. I have to admit that they are strike a good photo pose.

Fortunately for me there is a lot of soccer on TV here. Catherine can experience what my mom has to cope with. Unfortunately the time difference is bad since the midweek games are played during the night here. But there are repeats.

Of course there is also enough food although we are trying to limit it. After Bangkok we thought we lost some weight since because of the heat we weren't very hungry there. But since we then we certainly caught up.

I forgot to mention that on the last full day of our stay in Chiang Mai we climbed Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand (over 2500 meters). It's a tough task and took us weeks and weeks of training to accomplish that goal. Luckily the mini-van that brought us all the way of the top made life easier for us :)

Tomorrow we hope to move to Ko Phi Phi. We hope to have access to the internet there too but since it's an island you never know how stable it is going to be. Anyway, officially we should be moving to Bangkok again on Monday but we probably try to extend our trip on the island for 1 day or so which all depends on the availability of course.

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