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Tuesday November 16, 2004
We made it to Chiang Mai. It was not as simple as it sounds. The flight had a delay and there was nobody waiting for us at the airport. To top it off the guesthouse Laitai, not to be confused with the Laid Thai, was kinda craptacular. From the brochures it looked nice but the restaurant with no windows was located right next to the road. There was also a henna tattoo place and tarrot reader on site and the room was very basic with a substandard bathroom. Fortunately for us the place was pretty cheap so we didn't feel bad to walk away from it and loose some money and find something else more to our liking. Hey, we have jobs now so we can afford it. We ended up in a fancy hotel called the Suriwongse Hotel and that one is quite the opposite. And the price is the equivalent of a motel in Canada. You got to love that.

Chiang Mai has made a better impression than Bangkok so far. Little less hectic, the 'tuuk tuuk' drivers are less persistent (read: annoying), the weather is slightly cooler during the day and definitely cooler during the evening (it's actually nice in the evening) and so far people have been helpful. We expect to stay here till next Monday.

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