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Tuesday November 2, 2004
While the Netherlands is being shocked by another murder of a famous person, the rest of the world is focused on the American elections. Just as the majority of the rest of the world seems to think, it's hard to understand why Bush has a chance of winning. I actually expect him to win and would be surprised if he didn't.

Sure, foreigners only seem to look at the foreign 'accomplishments' of the president but also his domestic record can not considered great with a record deficit. If you would ask an American who is smarter: Kerry or Bush, would really a majority say Bush? It's only my personal opinion but I truly think that Kerry is an awful lot more smarter than Bush.

It's almost like there has been a brain wash. "How can you, American citizen, think that we, the almighty USA, were wrong in the last couple years after the tragic events of 9/11? It's unpatriotic to think that way. We were never wrong and it's your duty to support the leader's decisions otherwise you can not call yourselves an American". Maybe the States are the new Soviet Union...

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