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Tuesday November 23, 2004
Our move from Chiang Mai to Phuket went without a big hitch although it was interesting. When we asked the hotel in CM for a taxi, they 'arranged' a tuk-tuk, a motorized three-wheeler with drivers that asked you constantly if you need a ride. We made it to the airport in one piece.

We were told that the only seats available for our flight were business class seats so we spent 65 dollars extra and enjoyed the luxury. Finally I could take advantage of one of those business lounges :) Plus no complains about leg room in the plane. For once I wanted to have a window seat :)

We grabbed a mini van for the trip to our hotel and kinda regretted when they made a stop at a travel agency where they try to sell you trips. Of course we didn't buy anything. We made it eventually to the Karon Beach resort and we got a break there. Turns out that the only room that was available was the honeymoon room so that meant a free upgrade. No complains there either.

The hotel is very nice. It located at the end of the beach and quite pretty. The area itself is quite touristy. Something we should have expected but what we did not do. Karon is not so bad but we are on the border with Kata which is definitely more touristy. We went there for a walk yesterday evening (Yes Kata, we walked all over you!!!)

The next couple of days we will take it easy. Catch up on the reading while trying not to get a sun burn. Life is tough.

On Friday we will be moving again. This time we need a boat which will take use to Ko Phi Phi Don Island where we will stay at the Holiday-Inn.

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