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Wednesday November 10, 2004
Everything is packed (we hope) and we are ready for take-off. Just a couple of hours at the office before we head to Windsor where we will spend the night. Tomorrow early in the afternoon we will board a plane which is going to be our house for the following 20 hours or so. We will make a stop at Tokyo where will have some time before we board another plane that brings us to Bangkok (I so wished we had an opportunity to spend some time in Japan for old times sake). Our first stop will be the Atlanta hotel. For the following days\weeks we have a general idea what we want to do and see but we are quite flexible. Nevertheless we will probably visit Chiang Mai and we spent probably the last week or so at a nice beach place (Krabi?, Phuket?, Koh Phi Phi?). We will be returning to North America on December 3.

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