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December 23, 2004
Time to catch up on a couple of issues.

This has been one of the strangest Christmas seasons. I am finally 'ready' for Christmas and that took some time for 2 reasons. 1) Being in a warm and exotic country is not the best way to get ready for Christmas so it was strange to see all the Christmas decorations once we came back. 2) Since we have so many things happening early next year (house, wedding) Christmas is not a big thing this year. My Christmas lists therefore consists of gift cards and money but I know we need a lot of new stuff for the house and I can use the money to pay for the wedding.

Unfortunately grandpa and grandma Swiddle and my back-up fiance Fran won't be with us for Christmas which is quite a bummer for all of us. We had been looking forward to seeing them again. Hopefully they will have an opportunity to come by train in the very very near future.

Although we haven't heard anything from the builder, we expect that we could move into the new house very soon if we wanted too (which we don't want). Catherine was able to get into the house last week and it turns out that we now have carpet which is normally one of the last things that they do I believe. The kitchen and the bathroom cabinets are all in and even the show stall has walls. February 9 is only 7 weeks away...

So we got dumped with a lot of snow and since we are now living in a house it means snow shoveling. Those lazy condo days are over. In those days I loved it when it snowed. Now it means that there is some work to do for me. More and more I think that a snow blower might not be such a bad idea....

Work is not busy at all. The opposite. The project we were working on got killed and now we are twisting our thumbs waiting for the next one but given that it's Christmas, it won't happen in the next 2 weeks. So I decided to find some extra entertainment and started with another virtual soccer game. This one is called is FreeKick and it's definitely a lot more complicated. You can even say intimidating. But as I said I have the time for it now. I inherited a team that was leading the league and despite not knowing what I was doing I won the first game. So maybe that's the key to success.

Since this is probably the last post before Santa hits town, I want to wish you on behalf of Catherine and I a Merry Christmas and hope that you have a couple of pleasant days. Presents you don't like can always be sent to me....

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