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Monday December 6, 2004
Back to work and we were greeted with snow during the commute. I am pretty sure it was snow and not white beach sand :( And once I got at work I was told that I had a course that same day and tomorrow: Microsoft project 2003. So I only spent 30 minutes at my desk today and had to update my out-of-office messages. Since my boss was at the same course I got an update of all the events of the last couple of weeks. I had already heard that the project we were working on was stopped and that this is making people nervous since we don't have any other work right now (we were supposed to be working on that project for the next 4-6 months or so) and that they announced that there will be lay-offs at the bank. Hopefully our group and mandate will still be intact after the reorg has been completed since for the first time in years I was actually enjoying my job. We'll see what time will bring.

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