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Saturday December 4, 2004
And we are back home. We had an enjoyable last day in Bangkok followed by a very short night. Fortunately there were no problems with any of the flights and the stop over in Tokyo was pretty short and the long flight to Detroit took place in a plane that was less than half filled which was great. This time I actually had some space to sleep.

After a stop in Windsor where we picked up our car, we decided to spent the night in Chatham. We were pretty tired and decided that it would be smarter not to drive back home. We picked up some pizza and crashed on our beds in a hotel. In fact all the lights were out at 7 PM. The lights were on again at 5 AM though. We were wide awake so watched some infocommercials and ate the left-over pizza :) We tried to fall asleep again but of course that didn't work out.

Anyway we are back in Mississauga. All in one piece and that's the way we like it.

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