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Tuesday December 28, 2004
We have survived Christmas. All the gifts have been exchanged and from all the suggestions I had put on my wish list, I got none. To prevent this from happening again I need to give the family some proper "What's on the list is what I need and want" training ;) So the tool box, soooo dreaded by me, has arrived WITHOUT a bandaid box. If this is the last posting ever, you know what happened...

People have been asking us if the earth quake and the tsunami in South East Asia affected the areas we visited. The answer is simple: yes. The Karon Beach resort, located on Phuket island, has been damaged and is currently closed. Also the Holiday Inn on Phi Phi Island has been damaged but we don't know if it's closed. We assume it is. It's erie to think that we just were there a month ago and everything looked like paradise and that now many of the people have lost their lives. It was a good reason for us to visit the Red Cross web site and to make a donation.

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