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Wednesday December 1, 2004
We are back in Bangkok. Yesterday we floated, drove and flew back to our home page' where we are staying in the same hotel as when we first arrived here: the Atlanta. We thought that might have some problems to adjusting to a basic hotel after all the luxury but once we saw the prices it was pretty easy. Big bottle of Singha beer in the resort: 160 baht. At the Atlanta: 64 baht.

I forgot to tell that we had some issues with the trip to the resort. Well at least we were expecting it. A downgraded typhoon crossed Thailand just on the day we had planned the ferry ride. Initial forecasts indicated that it would hit us right on but in the end it passed 250 kilometers north of us and we were not affected at all.

The resort was nice. Very paradise like and very relaxing. In all honesty, we didn't do to much. Don't expect us to be completely dark. Long live sun block. And I am not a sun worshipper at all anyway.

So we are back in Bangkok. Today we returned to the Royal Palace to see the Emerald Budda which was closed the last time. Quite beautiful temple. Afterwards we did our last shopping. More shirts for me. I think I can do an Adidas fashion show and Catherine has less luck with the clothes (those tiny Thais!!!) but she did found a scary mask. We also went in the tallest tower in Bangkok, the Baiyoke Sky hotel, and we just had some Korean food (don't worry, we had some thai food for lunch). We have to mentioned that it's cooler in Bangkok compared to a few weeks ago. Not that it's cool but more bearable.

Tomorrow we had an excursion arranged to a summer palace of the king and Ayuthaya the former capital nearby and a boat trip back to the hotel. Then it will be bed time early since at 3:30 in the morning the taxi is waiting for us to bring us to the airport where we will start our journey back to Detroit. Fortunately for us the flight will be about 5 hours shorter than the flight to Thailand. Still it means more than 18 hours in total.

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