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"Nine year old supertalent discovered in Brazil"
This was the title of an e-mail I sent out to a people in my soccer team at the bank. It's about Jean Carlos Chera, 35 kilograms and 1,37 meter tall, who is an extremely talented soccer player and who is already a key target for European top clubs FC Porto and Manchester United, who both want the youngster's entire family to move to Europe. There is was a movie clip circulating on the internet displaying his talents and after some searching I found it and uploaded it to my web site.

I attached the link in the e-mail and within 48 hours that clip had been downloaded 600 times. Basically in 2 days I used more bandwidth than I normally do in 2 months. I guess people in my soccer team forwarded the e-mail to other people and it also ended up in a forum. I still get a lot of traffic so I might have to pull it if I think I will go over my 5 Gb bandwidth limit. But for now you can still find it here:

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