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Sunday February 20, 2005
We survived our first night in the house. At least it was better than when Catherine tried to take a shower since there was no hot water. Fortunately there was hot water at the other shower but that one needs a shower curtain which we eventually found but then we realised we didn't have the loops. So we took a bath instead. The joys of a new house.

We continued unpacking our boxes. Finally found the cable for the television so I don't need to use the same one as the one for the internet connection. We also hosted for the first time since Catherine's brother Greg and his family came over to see the house. A good reason to see if the oven was working. We also had our first snow storm. I realised yesterday that we won't get a side walk on our side of the road which means less shovelling for Richard plus more privacy and more space to park cars on our drive way. Hey, the fact that I don't necessarily need to shovel in order to avoid a ticket because the side walk is not snow free is a big plus. And having a CR-V means it easier to get out of the drive way when there is a lot of snow. Sweet :) I am sure that Catherine will force me to clean it anyway though ;)
(Update: Crap, I was wrong: we are getting sidewalks...)

The second night after the move will be spent in Mississauga again though. Catherine's mom is out of town for the night for a funeral and we are looking after Titus the dog (aka Farticus) again. He also inspected our house earlier in the day by visiting every little corner and closet in the house. The house now has the "Titus approved" label.

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