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Tuesday February 8, 2005
I wasn't exactly thrilled when the re-org was announced. For the first time in quite awhile I was happy with the work I was doing. Sure the project was hectic but the work was fun and I got along with my manager and colleagues very well. It felt like my career was finally back on track. Then the project was cancelled and the re-org was announced. Today the official announcements came out but last week I was already told that I am moving groups. I know more details know because I spoke with my new manager yesterday. I will be moving to group that supports the RBC Investments applications and that also use the tool that we use in the 'old' group. It also means physical move. I have been in the current building since I started at the RBC, now almost 8 years ago. The move won't be big though. Just across the road. That's all.

I am slightly worried about the move for several reasons and don't want to go into those reasons but it's not the job I would have normally applied for. It's like I start all over again and it's doubtful I will be doing the same kind of work I did in my old group. But I am trying to go in there with a good attitude and try to make the best of it. That's all I can do at this moment. At least I have a position after the re-org. Not everybody was that lucky.

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