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People have been constantly asking me if I am getting nervous. The short answer is simple: No. I was a little bit nervous to see my parents again since I hadn't seen them for a long time and they would see the house and Catherine's family for the first time but once they were here everything settled down.

I am not nervous about getting married. I am actually looking forward to it. I am not 22 anymore and no longer in that stage of my life where I prefer to go out with the boys every weekend. My life will not drastically change after the wedding. I have been living together with Catherine for over a year and that has been a very smooth ride. Why would I be nervous about getting married? Sure, I will be nervous once I am in the church but that's more about hoping that everything will go well and not about me losing my bachelor life.

I am looking forward to the wedding. It will be a very emotional day but most of all I am looking forward to show everybody how much I love and care about my girl.

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