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Sunday February 27, 2005
It was a surprise for us and especially for Catherine: We had our 'Jack and Jill' today. I was aware that there was going to be party - read: "Wedding Shower" - for Catherine, but that it was a party for both of us was even more of a surprise (although I had a feeling...) I tried to get Catherine out of the house with a good excuse but the girl has a radar up regarding wedding showers, and all the suggestions I tried were shot down pretty quickly so I had rely on "Here is your coat. We have to go" while not saying anything else. Once we arrived at the community centre it was clear that this was a party for both of us put together by Catherine's family and her maid of honour.

It was great. It was like a warm-up for the wedding, which is now getting closer faster and faster. It was a little bit overwhelming but in a good way. Too bad my parents didn't have the opportunity to be there with us. They will have to wait for a couple more weeks.

Catherine and I would like to thank everybody who was able to make it or who sent us a card or a present in their absence. Of course we would especially like to thank everyone who helped in putting this together: Sue, Mom, Glen, Greg, Leah, Vanessa and of course Rebecca and Matthew. Thanks folks, we truly appreciate it. We are now more than ever looking forward to the wedding and wish that it would happen today rather than tomorrow.

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