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I don't really have this web site to attract traffic. I am aware that this web site is not interesting for most of the people out there and I am fine with that. Nevertheless it is pretty cool to see that more and more people drop by. In fact, the first 2 months of this year have given me already more visitors than all of 2000. Of course there are regulars and then there are people who end up here because they were searching for something specific. Here are some interesting search terms from the last year:
- "stomping tom conners" (I get actually quite some hits for this one. I guess he needs his own web site)
- "engagement at raptors game"
- "man under wonen feet photo" (yes, there is a typo)
- "kerry gets loaded"
- "tough ladies. thailand"
- "university of vancouver g-string" (you wonder...)
- "so hot pictures of ushers girlfriend"
- "billings ovulation method success stories" (you looking at the wrong web site)
- "3rd world christian songs" (still looking at the wrong web site)
- "snow shoveling mississauga jobs"
- "catherine ringer" (no comment...)
- "who came up with the line here is your sign ?"
- "any new immigrants looking to marry a canadian girl for citizenship"
- "my dad s painting company oakville"
- "real thailand mom hookers"
- "what area in toronto have hookers there"
- "insulating cold bedroom above garage"
- "new york yankees mock turtle necks"
- "all dvd s suck"
- "i changed the bed sheets in portugese"
- "naked in sauna pictures"
- "naked on treadmill"

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