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Monday May 2nd, 2005
Change seems to be still in the air. After a new house and a new marital status I can now add a new job to the list of changes. Maybe I should say another new job since the re-org a few months ago moved me to a new group. Well last Friday was my last day in that group and today I am starting in a new position.

My old group wasn't the best fit for me and I was probably not the best fit for the group. Initially they thought they were getting a developer but I hadn't developed in 6 years. They created a position that was more project management related but it was never the best solution so I decided to look around to see if there were opportunities within the bank where I could add more value to the organisation that I was able to do in that current position.

Starting today my new title will be 'Release manager'. In this role I will be a traffic cop making sure that all the releases for the Basel initiative within the RBC go into production on time and in the right order. The Basel II Capital Framework is a new capital adequacy standards developed to strengthen risk management and market discipline in the international banking industry. All in all it looks that I am going to be very busy but I think that this new position is definitely is a step forward on my career path.

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