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Saturday April 2, 2005
Yes, we are married. Finally the day arrived and we are both very happy about how the day went. Even the weather was typical Canadian Dutch: Canadian snow and Dutch rain. All kidding aside, we were cursing the day before when we found out about the snow storm warning. We had people coming from far and bad weather might mean they couldn't make it. In the end everybody was there and the weather only affected the pictures taking. Instead of the Burlington Royal Botanical Rock Garden we had to take pictures in and around the church.

The good thing about that is that we were able to catch up in the schedule since we didn't need to travel. As the people in the church are aware, the ceremony started 30 minutes late. No, Catherine or I had cold feet. In fact, we both were at the church at 1, right on time. Problem was the limo with the maid of honor and the rest of Catherine's family including the flower girl and the ring bearer were late. That same limo first picked me up in Oakville. It was already 30 minutes late then so when I was finally at the church at 12:30, I knew that the ceremony was going to start late since that same limo still had to go to Mississauga and back.

It gave me the time to discuss with Father Peter, our priest, about who could succeed the pope. Little did we know that he would pass away just minutes after our ceremony. Despite that a big part of Catherine's family has a Polish background, it didn't have a big impact to our party.

We were very happy about how the reception, dinner, speeches and the party went. The only problem we had was that we didn't have anything to eat from 11 in the morning till dinner started. I was therefore very careful with the champagne in the limo on the way to the hall.

We thought the hall looked great and the meal got our approval too. Frank Sinatra's "Fly me to the moon" was our first dance. That song got stuck in our head after we saw Space Cowboys. And it's a upbeat relatively fast song, something we wanted.

We were afraid that we were not able to enjoy the party itself because we would be busy doing other stuff, like saying farewell to people who were leaving. Fortunately, we had plenty of time to dance and drink :-) I hope people don't think we didn't spent (enough) time with them. We tried to talk to everybody.

We have an initial set of pictures. I am sure it will continue to grow especially when we receive the official pictures from the photographer. If you have pictures of our wedding, please send them to me. For now, I made a selection and you can find the pictures here:

Catherine and I would like to thank everybody who send us cards, e-mails and guest book entries to congratulate us with the wedding. It was great to receive them. It is heart warming to see how happy people were for us. Thanks.

(because I was not feeling well, I was not able to post earlier.)

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