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Saturday April 23, 2005
I took a break from running because so many other things were happening. I had planned to start again right after the wedding but my back was really bothering me. Thanks to my chiropractor all the pain is almost gone and today was my first run in a few months. I also realised that I need some peer pressure to get me out of the door and therefore I decided to join Canada Fit, a running club that has a 6 months training program that starts in April every year. Catherine has been running with them for the past couple of years. So instead of sleeping in on Saturdays this summer, Catherine and I will be getting up early :P I am sure I will be swearing many times over the next couple of months but it is going to be nice to have your long run behind you early in the morning.

(PS: Did you see all the rain today. Glad we didn't get married today ;-)

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